West Castle Alpine Monitoring System

CR1000 Datalogger

The CR1000s can measure almost any sensor with an electrical response. CR1000s measure electrical signals and convert the measurement to engineering units, perform calculations and reduce data to statistical values. Every measurement does not need to be stored. The CR1000 will store data in memory awaiting transfer to the PC via external storage devices or telecommunications. RS-232 and CS I/O portsare integrated with the CR1000 wiring panel to facilitate data collection. The CR1000 module connects to the wiring panel, which provides terminals for connecting sensors, power and communications devices. The wiring panel also incorporates surge protection against phenomena such as lightning. The CR1000 can be powered by a nominal 12 volt DC source through the green “POWER IN” connector. Acceptable power range is 9.6 to 16 VDC. A lithium battery backs up the CR1000 clock, program, and memory if it loses power.

It is EXTREMELY important to check the voltage of the internal logger battery. If it drops below 2.0 VDC, data will be erased, and will no longer be stored.