West Castle Alpine Monitoring System

TR525-USW Tipping Bucket

The sensor consists of a gold anodized aluminum collector funnel with a knife-edge that diverts the water to a tipping bucket mechanism. A magnet is attached to the tipping bucket, which actuates a magnetic switch (Reed switch) on each tip of the bucket. The water drains out of the bottom of the housing, so the sensor requires no attention or servicing. Connecting the sensor to an event counter on a data logger or display module allows for electronics record keeping of accumulated rainfall. he aluminum housing is finished with a white powder-coat to withstand years of exposure to the environment.

Two screws underneath the bucket (as seen in the above left image) adjust the starting position of each side of the tipping mechanism. To begin, unscrew each to the lowest position. Remove the top funnel in order to access the black cup tipping mechanism. Fill a small syringe with 8.23 mL (manual pp.8). Slowly push the entire contents into erect cup. Slowly screw the opposite screw until the cup tips; ie) slowly raise the lower cup by raising the screw beneath it. Repeat for both sides, and until each cup tips with 8.23mL of water.